Whether your application calls for anti-reflective coatings,

precision mirrors, metal coatings or multi-layer dielectric coatings,

the team at IMPhotonix can help.  We design and produce optical coatings

in four key areas: Commercial, Medical, Defense and R&D



Whether your project involves industrial endoscopes, barcode scanners or autonomous vehicles, IMPhotonix can help design and produce the optical coatings that suit your needs and fit your budget.

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Our filtering and anti-reflective coatings enable medical professionals to perform tasks ranging from employee drug screening to pharmaceutical quality assurance, from cosmetic enhancement to life-saving surgery.

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Our optical coatings expertise plays an integral part in the design and production of applications such as real-time imaging and night vision goggles - two key components needed in an increasingly complex world.

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Research & Development

We're playing a role today in the development of products that will shape all of our lives tomorrow.

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